Outdoor Team Building

Outdoor Team Building

Corporate Challenges for your Conference or Team Day

We tailor our services to create experiences that last.


Teams use pipe networks and their manpower to distribute water from Point A to Point B. The challenge is that the distance between the points grows exponentially in each round. Throughout the game, the Aqueduct will grow up to 100 metres, depending on your group size, in an epic expansion of team work!

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Amazing Race

From Blindman’s Duck, Photo Challenges, to Riddlestix, we cover activities that are both mental and physical

Bring out the natural leadership, communication and cooperation within your teams
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Beach Olympics

Bring out the Mr. and Mrs Olympia in us all!

Participants are pushing for points to be crowned the kings and queens of the beach and take away the gold as well as a wealth of fond memories, laughs and team solidarity.
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Clash Of The Champions!

Teams goes head to head, across Olympic disciplines such as Team Ski, Rope Ball, Javelin, Blind Bobsled, Relays and Race Walking! Each game brings out competition, cooperation and communication in a hilarious mix of challenges.
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Corporate Social Responsibility – Survive To Thrive

The camping equipment used in this event is donated to local charity, Youth Off The Streets, who will use on camping trips with underprivileged youth at risk of becoming permanently homeless.
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Customized Events

Let us do the work for you to match the theme, business outcomes or specific "feel" that you need.

We tailor to your requirements.

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Delivery Heroes

This event is filled with riddles, puzzles and challenges that can only be solved with dynamic teamwork, problem solving, leadership and by using all of your teams’ skills.

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Outdoor Laser Tag

Outcomes tailored to whatever you like, be it communication, team building, organisation strategies or just plain laser zapping fun!

All equipment is provided and our staff will score and marshal the event.
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Experience the sensation of riding these amazing machines across a series of Segway Relay Races and challenges.

Dividing into teams, you’ll get to test your riding skills and communication amongst teammates. So unique. so fun and so easy to ride!
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The Survivalists

Our action packed survival mission pits teams against each other in a race for survival.

Armed with only a GPS, a list of coordinates and their rule book, teams must navigate their way to different locations or caches, collecting supplies and completing challenges along the way.
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Treasure Hunt

Compete against the other Pirates to find the treasure first. Your team will have to complete many twists and turns across riddles, clues, maps and more!
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The feedback from our “Amazing Race” was “that was great!” Jake and his team made our day full of laughs ….. The Segway included in our race was the highlight for most people who had never had the opportunity to ride one before. The unique variety of games and activities included in the Amazing Race was a credit to the Everest Team.- Julianne Rogers (Executive Assistant), Nestle Purina PetCare

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