Chris Hall – Gallup Strengths Strategist

Chris Hall

Gallup Strengths Strategist

Gallup Strengths Coach

Chris specializes in coaching teams and Leadership, knowing that the growth potential of any business correlates directly to the psychology of its leaders. He utilises Gallup Strength methodology to tap into the potential of both individuals and teams, delivering events to both corporate and educational institutions.

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Having worked with leading businesses around the globe, Chris has become an expert in how to employ Integrity, Teamwork & Innovation in the workplace.

Seminar Author

Chris has an ability to digest and succinctly summarise the leading schools of the personal development field.

Chris launched his business Be What You Want to bring inspiration to people through a variety of forms, be it 1:1 coaching, group sessions and seminars.  He partners with Everest Team Events to bring a connection point between personal development and team building.

Leadership Philosophy

Chris lives and breathes a philosophy that there are no unresourceful people, only unresourceful states. He has a wealth of experience in realigning individuals and teams so that they harness their natural strengths and realise fulfilment in everyday life.

He inspires audiences to engage their Physiology and Phycology  to achieve optimal states and eradicate limiting behaviours in an instant!


Chris has been the CEO of four businesses and is never afraid to take on a challenge. He believes that socially minded business is a way to give back to the community and that our relationships inside the workplace matter just as much as relationships to customers. He has fostered teams that love coming to work and thrive in the workplace with common value systems and common goals. The “aliveness” that is infectious around Chris is ever present in the businesses that Chris leads.

Previous Career History

Chris was a project manager for six years with Accenture, working on global SAP projects in the FMCG industry.

He specialised in Inter Company Processes, GS1, and Customer Service solutions across Europe before migrating to Australia.