Peak Energy & Peak Performance

Peak Performance Review
What would going to work be like with this?

Peak Energy & Peak PerformancePeak Energy @ Work: the ability to achieve an optimal State in an instant, through self-awareness combined with the integrity to act upon it.


Peak Performance @ Work: a state of performing at your maximum ability, characterised by knowing what to do with ease, grace and confidence.


Everest Team Events tackles the very real issues of productivity collapse, self-direction and how to tap into in your personal power through this invigorating and cutting edge workshop.  In three exciting parts, we’ll work with your team interactively from the get go.  Exercises are performed throughout to bring the subject matters home and make them relevant to each participant in everyday work life.  Watch team dynamics shift and fluid communication become enabled within a matter of hours!


Business Outcomes:

Part 1: Changing the Productivity Game

Part 2: Redefining Integrity

Part 3: The True Self & Positive Accountability
Format: minimum 2 hours (Parts 1 & 2), 3 hour option also available for extra depth (includes Part 3)
Availability: Australia wide, workshop delivery fee + travel expenses when more than 2 hours drive from Sydney

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