The Mechanics of Mindfulness

The Mechanics of Mindfulness

Mindfulness Review


Mindfulness StonesCompanies across Australia are working with us to experience a fascinating paradigm shift on how Mindfulness can be used to sharpen the work environment and bring well-being into work cultures.  We are able to show you how the most crucial leadership qualities can be expressed through a fluid and mindful work culture.


The Problem:

Instant Connectivity, Expectations and Stress are causing a productivity to collapse in popular work culture. We think we are getting “more done” but often we are getting distracted by torrents of thoughts and emotions. The result is that we are exhausted and often missing the mark on getting the most important things done first.

This workshop shines a light on a new possibility of Mindfulness and provides practical tools and perspectives that can be employed in both personal and professional life.




Business Outcomes:

1. Clarity & Focus

2. Productivity

3. Peak Performance tools for Innovation, Integrity & Teamwork
innovation - Copy1. Mindful Innovation: There is a reason you have your best ideas in the shower….its because you are relaxed and have let go of the stress typically associated to Innovation.  The best ideas come with “incubation” included and fostering a creative team environment can take years.  Top companies like Google have figured out the innovation formula and we can help your business do this too.

“Mindfulness is the very source of Creativity” – Huffington Post

Subjects Covered

1. Co-Creation Team Etiquette

2. Intention Setting

3. Mindful Innovation Techniques

white-corinthian-pillar-2559-5816-22. Mindful Integrity is like a wheel.  Whenever we lose integrity, it is like a spoke of the wheel getting damaged.  Having the awareness and tools to restore integrity quickly and authentically strengthens trust, communication and personal power within the workplace. We work with companies nationally to apply Mindfulness to this key area.

Integrity offers the possibility of a work environment where things just get done because its cultural standard!


Subjects Covered:

1. Current State Awareness
2. Communication Techniques
3. Getting “back on track”


Typical Results:

1. Personal ownership

2. New communication & efficiency possibilities

3. Peak Performance tool-sets



Teamwork - Copy3. Mindful Teamwork allows for fluid communication and allows for team members to grant each other space to complete their tasks.  After all, a team is only effective when each link in the chain has its own integrity and efficiency can only occur when each member both knows their role.

Enable your teams to come together with passion and power while expressing their individuality!


Subjects Covered:

1. Productivity Transformation

2. Powerful Communication and Empowered Requests

3. Teamwork

Duration: 2 Hours

This event a unique opportunity to learn about Mindfulness as a topic whilst practicing new skills and accessing new levels of inspiration at work and in life in general!

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