Leadership – a Strengths Based Approach

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Did you know that a Manager has up to a 72% impact on an Employee when they engage the Employee’s Strengths?

What are your Strengths?The Business Case

Happy employees are more engaged, more productive and more innovative.

The realization that we are all different is the first step to embracing diversity in the workplace.  The deeper journey, however, is to bring specific awareness to individual strengths and share this knowledge within a facilitated setting.

Through a detailed and inspirational workshop, we can learn how to literally draw out the best in one another.  The results are astounding, manifesting in deeper relationships, increased productivity and an inevitable blossoming of well-being.

When we discover that can be “who we really are” each and every day, we find a deep level of professional and personal satisfaction.
Business Outcomes:

  1. Solve two of your real business problems using a Strengths Based Approach to Diversity (afternoon session)
  2. Unleash up to 13% increase in productivity
  3. Relationships within the team deepen
  4. Direct results in employee engagement
  5. All participants leave with a deep understanding of their personal Strengths

Duration: Full Day Facilitation (recommended) and Half Day Introduction also available.

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