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Keynote Speaker

Chris Hall


We believe work can be about Passion, Purpose and Peak Performance. Peak Performance Specialist and Life Coach Chris Hall and Everest Team Events have partnered together so that we can bring this message to corporate teams across Australia, and to show teams how.

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Chris is the CEO of three businesses and knows that our relationships inside the workplace matter just as much as relationships to customers.  He has fostered teams that love coming to work and thrive in the workplace with common value systems and common goals.  The “aliveness” that is infectious around Chris is ever present in the businesses that Chris leads.


Founder of Be What You Want

Be What You Want exists to bring a Conscious Empowered Life to the world through a holistic suite of Life Coaching services, products and events.  Check it out


Mindfulness & Life Design Leader

Be What You Want has developed methodologies that succinctly summarise the leading schools of the personal development field.  By showing up as the best versions of ourselves on a daily basis we bring excellence to the workplace and we bring vitality to every part of our lives!


Let us show you what’s on offer in 90 seconds with this introduction video presented by Chris: 

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